Control your Ring Spotlight with Alexa with Smart Things

Just a quick post, but I’ve managed to get my Ring Spotlight cam light operated by my Alexa using a Custom Device type in my SmartThings hub.

Here is a copy of my device handler:

If you’ve not created a custom device type, it’s not too hard, but I recommend you start here?

There are three things you need to get it working:

  1. Your Username
  2. Your Password
  3. The Device ID

The device ID is the hardest part, it needs to be sourced by an API call to:

Here is a POSTMAN collection for calling this.

RING API Set.postman_collection.json

Set your environment variables to include your username and password:

Call the Authenticate API and then Get Devices:


And extract the Device ID of the relevant device.
This will then go into the device setup in smartthings:

Once you have the device working in Smartthings, it should just be a matter of adding the device to the Alexa available devices through rediscovery.

And then you can say “Alexa, Turn the Backyard Spotlight On”.

I’ll let you add the siren as a bit of fun. It’s not hard to extrapolate based on the Postman collection example.


2 thoughts on “Control your Ring Spotlight with Alexa with Smart Things

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  1. Thanks for the instructions and building it to make it happen! One thing though that I was wondering it could do is interface with the motion detection? So then when motion is detected, in smartthings it would then be configured to turn lights on at 100% for 5 minutes, then return back to the normal percentage of 20%???? Thanks!


    1. The motion detection portion is a bit harder to do. I’m not sure if we can/should set up the smartthings to poll the ring api looking for motion… I also have played with the brightness settings for the light – I didn’t have a spotlight cam – but rather a floodlight cam that did brightness at the time I was developing.


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