CSC Update #5 – Helping in four weeks

#ibmcsc IBM strives hard to make the Corporate Service Corps so much more than a volunteer engagement with NGO's and local government groups around the world. They stress the importance that IBM is sending highly skilled consultants not manual laborers. Or, to put another way, we are there to make a difference to their organisation,... Continue Reading →

CSC Update #4 – On the ground at Anpuy

#ibmcsc In the last couple of years, the local council donated some land to the Foundation in the North of the city, in one of the lower socio economic regions of the city. (Many of the outer suburbs of Salta are lower socio economic). And they raised money to build their own dedicated building. Although... Continue Reading →

CSC Update #3 – The official kickoff

#ibmcsc On the 5th of May, we had the official CSC kickoff with all the teams and their associated groups/foundations. For us it was the beginning of the real work, the day we met in person our 'clients' and the day we all realised that we'd like to know Spanish just a little bit better.... Continue Reading →

CSC Update #2 – Arriving in Salta

#ibmcsc The following day, we packed up our barely unpacked bags, and headed to the BA domestic airport, and another couple of delay hours later, arrived into Salta La Linda. Our first experience of Salta, was the fact that a huge soccer game was on, resulting in the taxi ride, that would normally be 6kms,... Continue Reading →

The Fundación Anpuy CSC Team

#ibmcsc For the Argentina 2 CSC team there are 12 IBMers from a plethora of countries: Australia - Philip (Me!) Austria - Stefanie (Blog) Japan - Shiori (Blog [In Japanese]) Netherlands - Nancy (Blog) India - Aravind (Blog), Shweta (Blog), Girija United States - Richard, Niki China - Ping, Chen United Kingdom - Lucy Venezuela... Continue Reading →

Fundación Anpuy

#ibmcsc For my time on the Corporate Service Corps (CSC), I've been allocated to work on a project helping Fundación Anpuy. Fundación Anpuy are a small NGO, that focuses on helping children, teenagers and young adults to get through school and university. Typically supporting children from vulnerable situations. The mission of the foundation is to... Continue Reading →

IBM Corporate Service Corps

#ibmcsc Almost two years ago, I was selected into the pool of people who were eligible for the IBM Corporate Service Corps, and finally on the 2nd of May, I depart for Salta, Argentina to begin my four week project with a local NGO organisation - Fundación Anpuy. So what exactly is the IBM CSC?... Continue Reading →

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