Netflix in Australia

After travelling to the US earlier this year, I once again experienced the ease and simplicity of Netflix, and pined for an equivalent back home in Australia. I've seen a number of articles around the place detailing steps to use Netflix out of the US, mostly involving VPNs that ultimately were paid subscriptions. Lifehacker put... Continue Reading →

Arduino board with everything?

Just backed a project on Kickstarter, a high power Arduino board with the lot! Wifi 99 IO Pins Mesh Networking Real Time Clock (RTC) USB Slave & USB Host Audio Output & More If you're keen check it out here.

WS2801 with Arduino RGB LED Display

I have started playing with individually programmable LED's in a strip, using an Arduino for programming. The chipset I went with was WS2801 from Alibaba. With a bit of magic, I wrote a simple C# program that would send images to the arduino over UDP, and the arduino would then display them on the screen.... Continue Reading →

Wooden Alarm Clock

As a gift to my brother for Christmas, I decided to make an Arduino clock, but hide it in a slab of timber. I routed the timber very thin on the front and placed an LED display behind it which shows through. A video in action.   It also displays the temperature, the date, and... Continue Reading →

I've just completed phase 1 of the development of a website that was inspired by my girlfriend. She found that while studying she kept finding great sites to help her learn particular medical topics for her Medical Degree. But she had nowhere to put them that would benefit others. From there medreviewed was born! It's... Continue Reading →

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