Disable Nissan Dualis Seat belt warning alarm

I got sick of my new Nissan Dualis beeping at me when I didn’t have my seat belt on for the short reverse out of my driveway.

Nissan Dualis

After a little bit of investigation, I found it was very easy to disable the beep!

Under the drivers seat, there is a set of wires with quick release clips. The smaller one, is the wire that goes up the seat belt stalk and into the clip.

Simply removing the quick release clip for the smaller wire, is all it takes! The circuit is open when the seat belt is on, and closed when it’s not! TOO EASY!
I was a little concerned that playing around with this, might disable other safety functionality, but after looking pretty closely, and checking it’s behavior when the seat belt is clipped in etc, I’m pretty confident it only disables the incessant beeping when you go over 20km/h.

2 thoughts on “Disable Nissan Dualis Seat belt warning alarm

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  1. Why did you disable my beep phil?? I just wanted to keep you safe, because I love you!!! Does this mean you don’t care about me anymore? You’ve silenced me! I can’t tell you anything!! I had to get online and tell you this, because you always put the radio on when we’re together and you don’t even listen to me! whhyyyy


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