Encoded URLs and WebSEAL filtering

If you have encoded URLs in scripting thats protected by WebSEAL, it won't automatically filter it, unless you configure the encoding. For example: Javascript Link Backslash U hex encoded: var a = document.createElement('a'); var label = "http:u002fu002fsomeserver:8080u002fdemou002fblah"; a.href = label; var linkText = document.createTextNode(label); a.appendChild(linkText); a.title = "my title text"; a.href = label; document.body.appendChild(a); Without... Continue Reading →

ISAM – POODLE updates

When I attempted to configured ISAM for Mobile V8.0.1.0 against an old version of TAM - specifically TAM Policy Server v 6.1.1 FP 8 (and an older 6.1.1 - FP4), I ran into some problems. It generated the following error: System Error HPDCF0062E Could not connect to the Security Access Manager policy server. Error code... Continue Reading →

ISAM for Web – Modify a Request Header

I posted about modifying a HTTP response back in June 2014 here. This month, I had to put together a HTTP transformation rule that would update a Request header. In particular, the Request header was "out of spec" from the HTTP rules for a Content-Type. It simply updated the request header. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <xsl:stylesheet... Continue Reading →

ISAM for Mobile – ROPC OAuth Username and Password Validation

As of V8.0.1.0 of ISAM for Mobile, there is a helper class in the Javascript mapping rule for Resource Owner Password Validation against the configured LDAP server. There are a few steps required to configure it though. If you haven't configured it, you will receive the following error on attempting an ROPC flow: {"error":"mapping_error", "error_description":"com.tivoli.am.rba.exception.RBARuntimeException:... Continue Reading →

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