ISAM – POODLE updates

When I attempted to configured ISAM for Mobile V8.0.1.0 against an old version of TAM – specifically TAM Policy Server v 6.1.1 FP 8 (and an older 6.1.1 – FP4), I ran into some problems.


It generated the following error:

System Error
HPDCF0062E Could not connect to the Security Access Manager policy server. 
Error code is 0x10652128. Ensure that the policy server host name, port and 
local domain name are correct.
HPDCF0079E SSL configuration failed. The error code is 0x15e3a03e.
The current TLS compliance type as enabled on the Policy server: None

HPDBA0296E The SSL communications could not be completed. An incorrectly 
formatted SSL message was received from the partner.
HPDBG0154W Could not initialize the Base SSL configuration.

I believe this is related to some changes made to ISAM and the supported SSL/TLS ciphers in the wake of the POODLE + other SSL vulnerabilities. Since SSL is effectively dead, all the communication is TLS behind the scenes in ISAM policy management.

From the Interim Fix README:

2.1 Problems fixed by patch 6.1.1-ISS-TAM-IF0013

APAR IV67364
Symptom : "POODLE" vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566) fixes


Since Fixpack 8 was released in September 2014, they released Interim Fix 13. This modified the available ciphers for SSL communication, and allows the latest version of ISAM for Mobile and it’s ISAM runtime to talk to an ISAM 6.1.1 Policy Server.


Once the patches have been applied, restart the policy server, and try again.







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