Using Basic Users with OAuth-Auth and ROPC

It is possible to use Basic Users with the ISAM OAuth-Auth capabilities. (ISAM Basic users are users that have NOT been imported into the ISAM registry.) Authentication used to be performed by: isAuthenticated = PluginUtils.isValidUsernamePassword(username, password); I've talked about how this is configured here. This authentication mechanism *can* be configured to use Federated Registries, however... Continue Reading →

WSSMToken Consumer not found

Using IBM Security Federated Identity Manager (TFIM) I ran into some errors following the guide in the WSSM Web services security installation guide for the echo service application. Whenever I started either the application or the client, I got an error similar to that below: [9/20/12 18:01:14:500 EST] 0000003b ConfigUtil    E   WSEC5007E: Class "" not... Continue Reading →

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