Using ISAM with a Single Page Application (SPA)

Over on the ISAM blog on, I’ve just completed an indepth article on using ISAM with a Single Paged Application. These are typically applications that use JavaScript, AJAX, Angular and other frameworks to make a very dynamic user experience on a website. Think of any site you’ve used where the whole page doesn’t reload on every link, but rather small pieces of content are updated periodically. Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Google use this throughout their site.

On our demo site for IBM Verify (and in a number of inbuilt template pages within ISAM) we take advantage of this to enhance the UX.

IBM Verify Demo Experience

The article covers the use of both Session Cookie based session maintenance, as well as OAUTH based session maintenance using an implicit flow.

Cookie Based Session for Single Paged Applications
Cookie Based Session Maintenance


When using an ISAMs OAuth for session maintenance, you can also take advantage of a few other capabilities.

OAUTH session for Single Paged Applications
OAuth Single Paged applications with ISAM


For the full article go here!

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