TFIM SAML 2.0 Federation URL

Sample Federation URL: I make this post, as much about a note to myself - as for others. This URL will avoid using the Alias service, and initiate a HTTPPost SAML flow. https://<idpHost>/FIM/sps/<federationname>/saml20/logininitial?RequestBinding=HTTPPost&ResponseBinding=HTTPPost&NameIdFormat=Email&PartnerId=<ID for partner> Here is some additional notes from the IBM Knowledge Center:  

ISAM for Mobile: Javascript Policy Information Points

Since ISAM for Mobile has had the ability to call a Javascript Policy Information Point (PIP) during context based access (CBA, formerly risk based access - RBA) decisions for attribute enrichment. This capability is very flexible and can be used for many different purposes. Some examples include: Manipulating and extracting attributes from request headers.... Continue Reading →

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