Arduino board with everything?

Just backed a project on Kickstarter, a high power Arduino board with the lot! Wifi 99 IO Pins Mesh Networking Real Time Clock (RTC) USB Slave & USB Host Audio Output & More If you're keen check it out here.

WS2801 with Arduino RGB LED Display

I have started playing with individually programmable LED's in a strip, using an Arduino for programming. The chipset I went with was WS2801 from Alibaba. With a bit of magic, I wrote a simple C# program that would send images to the arduino over UDP, and the arduino would then display them on the screen.... Continue Reading →

Wooden Alarm Clock

As a gift to my brother for Christmas, I decided to make an Arduino clock, but hide it in a slab of timber. I routed the timber very thin on the front and placed an LED display behind it which shows through. A video in action.   It also displays the temperature, the date, and... Continue Reading →

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