The Fundación Anpuy CSC Team

#ibmcsc For the Argentina 2 CSC team there are 12 IBMers from a plethora of countries: Australia - Philip (Me!) Austria - Stefanie (Blog) Japan - Shiori (Blog [In Japanese]) Netherlands - Nancy (Blog) India - Aravind (Blog), Shweta (Blog), Girija United States - Richard, Niki China - Ping, Chen United Kingdom - Lucy Venezuela... Continue Reading →

Fundación Anpuy

#ibmcsc For my time on the Corporate Service Corps (CSC), I've been allocated to work on a project helping Fundación Anpuy. Fundación Anpuy are a small NGO, that focuses on helping children, teenagers and young adults to get through school and university. Typically supporting children from vulnerable situations. The mission of the foundation is to... Continue Reading →

IBM Corporate Service Corps

#ibmcsc Almost two years ago, I was selected into the pool of people who were eligible for the IBM Corporate Service Corps, and finally on the 2nd of May, I depart for Salta, Argentina to begin my four week project with a local NGO organisation - Fundación Anpuy. So what exactly is the IBM CSC?... Continue Reading →

ISAM for Mobile: Trace statements in Mapping Rules

  Edit (13/1/15): There is another example of trace statements which references a different class in the article: ISAM for Mobile: Javascript Policy Information Points Debugging IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) for Mobile Mapping rules can be challenging. One of the things that makes it much easier is having regular trace statements. In developing the... Continue Reading →

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