Fundación Anpuy

For my time on the Corporate Service Corps (CSC), I’ve been allocated to work on a project helping Fundación Anpuy. Fundación Anpuy are a small NGO, that focuses on helping children, teenagers and young adults to get through school and university. Typically supporting children from vulnerable situations. The mission of the foundation is to enable the social inclusion of young people through educational activities and promote a healthy lifestyle.

One of the major challenges that I will be dealing with working with Fundación Anpuy will be my lack of skills in Espanol. If you are better at Spanish than I, you might get more out of this video:

The problem that we are hoping to solve for the Fundación Anpuy is related to their ability to scale. The organisation has to manage a large number of students, each with their own requirements. So they are looking to my CSC team to organize their student database, and find ways to link all their information together in a useful fashion. All going to plan – this should give the foundation the capability to continue to expand and help more children complete their schooling without needing to increase their overhead costs.

Fundacion Anpuy

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