WSSMToken Consumer not found

Using IBM Security Federated Identity Manager (TFIM) I ran into some errors following the guide in the WSSM Web services security installation guide for the echo service application.

Whenever I started either the application or the client, I got an error similar to that below:

[9/20/12 18:01:14:500 EST] 0000003b ConfigUtil    E   
    WSEC5007E: Class 
    "" not found.
[9/20/12 18:01:14:501 EST] 0000003b WSEMFRequestC W 
     WSEC5008E: Unable to instantiate the class 
[9/20/12 18:01:14:501 EST] 0000003b SecurityHooks E   
    WSWS1042E: An error occurred in loading the configuration for 
The exception is 
WSEC5371E: TokenConsumer: classname attribute is required:
usage=[Required], type=[{urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:assertion}Assertion], 
trustedIdEvaluator=[null], trustAny=[false], provider=[null], 
pkixBuilderParams=[null], callerRequired=[true], 
assertion}], trustMethodRequired=[false], trustMethodProperties=[null], 
jaasConfig=[system.itfim.wssm.tam], jaasConfigProperties=[{}], 
usedForVerification=[false], usedForDecryption=[false], 
certPathSettingsAcquired=[false], isDefault=[false], 

At first I thought it was related to this:

And I upgraded the WAS fixpack, to no avail, and then, I checked and re-checked my configuration, to find that I had messed up the shared library configuration. (Which was naturally my first instinct, but it all looked right…)

But I’ll let you spot the difference.


Anyway, thought I’d post this here, since I’d somehow replicated this configuration on two separate machines such that they were both giving me the same error…

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