Redirect after login from InfoMap or AuthSvc Policy

If you’d like to redirect after the completion of the login process from an InfoMap, you can set the equivalent of the EAI redirect header:

eai-redir-url-header = am-eai-redir-url

This can be done through the setting of the response token attribute:

context.set(Scope.SESSION, “urn:ibm:security:asf:response:token:attributes”, “itfim_override_targeturl_attr”, "/someURL");

There is a technote showing this in other mapping rules here:

You can set it in a similar fashion in the AuthSvcCred Mapping rule (the mapping rule that fires after the completion of an Authentication Policy) using the STSUU.

var targetUrl = new java.lang.String("");
 var targetUrlAttr = new Attribute("itfim_override_targeturl_attr", "urn:ibm:names:ITFIM:5.1:accessmanager", targetUrl);

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