ISAM – Redirect on Logout or show login page on logout

A simple post here – a quick guide on how you redirect to a specific url after logging out.

In the ISAM reverse proxy, you can make use of the operation based Local Response Redirect, to send you to a specific location once you have logged out.

To enable this, enable local response redirect,

# Enable/disable sending a redirect instead of serving management or error
# pages from the local system.
# The local-response-redirect-uri parameter must be set in order for this
# option to function.
# This configuration item may be customized for a particular junction
# by adding the adjusted configuration item to a [acnt-mgt:{jct_id}] stanza,
# where '{jct-id}' refers to the junction point for a standard junction
# (include the leading '/'), or the virtual host label for a virtual host
# junction.
enable-local-response-redirect = yes


and configure the URL location via the stanza below:

local-response-redirect-uri = [logout] /somelogoutlocation.html


Then, when the user hits /pkmslogout, they will log out, and be redirected to the URL specified above.


There is another option, if you just want the logout page – to be the login page, you can change the logout template to also be the login.html.


# Page displayed after successful logout
logout = login.html



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