Ballooning a house

When a colleague leaves on holidays and leaves his keys with another colleague, there is only one thing to do… PRANK!

For this prank, I acquired:

  • 2000 balloons
  • An air compressor
  • A team of willing helpers
  • 2 Cartons of beer

Over the course of a Friday afternoon, we blew up somewhere between 1200-1400 balloons, and filled their apartment. Here are the photos:

26112010233 26112010234 26112010235 26112010236 26112010242 managerbuyin smallroof



Upon his return, he was courteous enough to share the following photos:

149999_10150134469200031_577885030_8022777_8372696_n 150550_10150134469065031_577885030_8022772_5734550_n

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