PGP Desktop SSO passwords out of sync

I’ve been experiencing an issue where the PGP desktop SSO password does not update when I change my Windows password using Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Spent some time just now troubleshooting, and I believe I’ve found the cause.

If your C: is not listed as “Disk 0” in your Disk Management Interface:


As mine isn’t whenever I have my Lenovo Thinkpad UltraBay disk installed, (The Ultrabay Disk becomes Disk 0, and C: becomes Disk 1)
Then the SSO change password mechanism may fail.

This also seems to cause a failure whenever our corporate security tool attempts to determine if your drive is encrypted or not, so it seems that as a workaround:

  1. Remove your Ultrabay disk whenever you have a security scan (or failure notification)
  2. Remove your Ultrabay disk (and restart your machine) whenever you change your about to change your windows password using Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Fingers crossed you don’t have this issue, and I have found threads that suggest a new version of PGP Desktop fixes this, but until it filters down through corporate…

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