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After travelling to the US earlier this year, I once again experienced the ease and simplicity of Netflix, and pined for an equivalent back home in Australia. I’ve seen a number of articles around the place detailing steps to use Netflix out of the US, mostly involving VPNs that ultimately were paid subscriptions.

Lifehacker put together a comprehensive article with a bunch of alternatives:


So one afternoon I set about trying it out for myself. I used the tunlr alternative, which was as simple as changing your DNS settings, although they make a point of saying don’t use it ‘all the time’:

For speed, stability, privacy and security reasons we do not recommend to permanently set your computer’s or router’s DNS addresses to Tunlr. Setting the DNS permanently to Tunlr also puts a heavy strain on Tunlr’s network infrastructure. In order to render the permanent use of our DNS resolvers less attractive, we’re artificially delaying responses to DNS queries.

Once you navigate to netflix, you no longer get regional blocking!


Sign up for the trial month, you will likely need to give your credit card details, if you use the PayPal option, it will baulk about it being non-US, but credit directly seems to work fine.

The tunlr site shows a number of methods of activating it, I chose the ‘non-software’ option and went with PowerShell, and made sure it was off by default with a disabling script on windows startup (task scheduler).

Overall, couldn’t believe how simple it was, and before you know it, you’re watching Netflix exclusives!

Just saw this today:

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