Control SwannOne Smart Power Plug with SmartThings

Since WeMo devices appear to be few and far between now in Australia, I thought I’d try the apparently “ZigBee” compatible Swann Devices for smart home automation. I was pleasantly surprised that it was incredibly easy to set up – and no Swann Hub is required.

Swann Smart Plug (Aussie edition)
  1. Plug in the device, and start searching for it using your SmartThings app.
  2. It should appear as a “Thing” and essentially do nothing.
  3. Log into the online portal for SmartThings:
  4. Set you set your home location to your relevant hub.
  5. Go to your list of devices:

    My Devices
  6. Select the “Thing” from the list.
  7. Edit the device and select the device type “ZigBee Switch Power”.

    You can also take this moment to update the label to something more appropriate.
  8. Update it, and all going to plan, it will work nicely.


I have only had one problem so far, and that is that the reported power consumption appears to be off by a factor of 10. With a bit of playing around, I’ve modified the standard device handler to remove an apparent division by 10 on the reported power usage.


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