CSC Update #1 – Arriving in Buenos Aires

It may have taken me until day 12 to finally put together a blog post, but as you can imagine, I successfully made it to Argentina.

The flight was long, but it was at least comfortable, in no small part due to a nice Premium Economy upgrade between Sydney and Santiago. Although I still didn’t manage any sleep.

QF27 in Santiago, Chile
The QF27 in Santiago, with the mountains in the background.

I managed to find the Admirals Club in Santiago airport, where I had a shower, and then put my feet up and promptly fell asleep for two hours…

Later that evening (with an hour or two delayed), after sleeping the entire connecting flight, I arrived into Argentina. And thanks to the CSC service, was chauffeured to the hotel where I immediately met the already arrived members of my team. It was pretty close to dinner time when I arrived, so, I put my power nap to good use and powered through!

Parriilla BA
BA Parrilla, grill, the beginnings of massive meat servings in Argentina.
2014-05-02 21.46.23
And also an introduction to the standard 1L beer size.

With the meet and greets done, I quickly learnt that the selected IBM CSC team are incredibly nice, and the next four weeks – that while they will be hard work, it will be all with a great fun group of people!


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