ISAM Error: HPDBA0222E

I started experimenting with ISAM for DataPower today, and in doing so, encountered a fun bug based on my environment. When creating a Junction, nothing appeared to happen.


Eventually in attempting to debug using pdadmin on the DP Commandline interface, I ran the command:

pdadmin sec_master> server listtasks mobilebank-webseald-DPAPPINT1
Could not perform the administration request
Error: HPDBA0222E   The TCP/IP host information could not 
be determined from the server hostname.  Ensure that the server 
hostname is correct. (status 0x106520de)

And then it all started to make sense.

During the Reverse Proxy configuration, I had specified the Host name of the DataPower appliance.


When the ISAM policy server was attempting to query the ISAM reverse Proxy on the DataPower box, it was accessing the host by its Host name. Thing is, I hadn’t given that hostname to the ISAM Appliance.

After adding the hostname to the appliance, it all started working!


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