ISAM EAI Server Error: 0x38cf042f

When trying to configure an EAI, I encountered the following error whenever it was supposed to be authenticating the user:

Server Error

Access Manager WebSEAL could not complete your request due to an 
unexpected error.

Diagnostic Information
Method: GET
URL: <url>
Error Code: 0x38cf042f
Error Text: Server Error

Provide your System Administrator with the above information to assist in 
troubleshooting the problem.


Its fairly non-descript and left me scratching my head. After a bit of troubleshooting, I worked out it was because my EAI was returning an authentication level of 2, but I hadn’t configured the level to be available in the ISAM Webseal configuration file.


# authentication levels
# Syntax:
# level = <method-name>
# Valid method names are:
#   unauthenticated
#   password
#   token-card
#   ssl
#   ext-auth-interface
level = unauthenticated
level = password
level = ext-auth-interface

This didn’t immediately work for me – since I was using ISAM for DataPower, and ISAM for DataPower offers this as part of the GUI configuration, and the UI overrides changes made directly in the configuration file:


Make the changes in the UI, and save the changes, should all work!


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