iPhone Pricing – I thought storage was cheap nowadays?

I’ve not been on a phone contract for a long time now, and that has resulted in my being in a position where I tend to have to either buy second hand phones or buy them outright. Using my old iPhone 4 I’m starting to toy with the idea of upgrading to a newer/faster model so I can do more stuff with it… But I have one particular gripe, why is storage size such a dramatic price consideration? Anyone would think Flash storage is still being priced at rates we’ve seen in 2005!


Even assuming marginally more performant flash, a high end USB drive is close to AUD$1.25/Gb.


($1129 – $869) = $260 for 48 GB (64GB-16GB)

Apples flash seems to be closer to $5.50 a GB

What I’d like to know is, why doesn’t anyone seem to complain about this? And don’t get me started on the pricing of iCloud storage!

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