ITIM ADT – Won’t start under Linux

I was having some fun (read: Major frustrations) trying to get the ITIM Adapter development Tool (version to run under Linux,

ADT5123_ITIM51_TDI70_install.bin (38.8MB)

(Under SuSE 9, Patch Level 4)

Once installed and I ran the executables, I would get the following output:

tiamdev:/opt/IBM/ADT51 # ./ITIMAdapterDevelopmentTool
Loading TDI Jars into classpath...
Loading IDILoader.jar into classpath...
Loading JVM ext jars into classpath...
Loading JVM IBM jars into classpath...
Loading User jars into classpath...Finished class loader hook
tiamdev:/opt/IBM/ADT51 #

And then NOTHING. No window would show, and didn’t have any luck troubleshooting why. The logs were empty, and my frustration levels were rising.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it’s a simple fix, I just changed the JVM that was on the PATH, from the Java 1.5 that was provided by WebSphere, to the Java 1.5 that is in the TDI V7.0 installation directory. And HUZZAH!

(NOTE: I also found that it ran happily under Java 1.6.)


For something else that I found that might be of use to others too:

Download training material for the Adapter Development Tool.  The linked archive contains 9 tutorials and an overview of the material.

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