ISAM for Mobile – ROPC OAuth Username and Password Validation

As of V8.0.1.0 of ISAM for Mobile, there is a helper class in the Javascript mapping rule for Resource Owner Password Validation against the configured LDAP server. There are a few steps required to configure it though. If you haven't configured it, you will receive the following error on attempting an ROPC flow: {"error":"mapping_error", "error_description":" Continue Reading →

ISAM for Mobile: Trace statements in Mapping Rules

  Edit (13/1/15): There is another example of trace statements which references a different class in the article: ISAM for Mobile: Javascript Policy Information Points Debugging IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) for Mobile Mapping rules can be challenging. One of the things that makes it much easier is having regular trace statements. In developing the... Continue Reading →

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